PLX-DAQ v2.11 Dual Trace Transfer Tips to Excel

This is my second installment on using PLX-DAQ as an easy method of sending data from an Arduino or any AVR related MCU to Excel. Here I will be showing you how to process the data into a graphical chart for plotting it's values...the easy way 🙂


TCD1304 8 Bit Driver Noise Reduction Design Changes

I am confident in it's performance, even @ 8 bits, I did learn a few things though about working with CCD's, one is, thermal noise, yeah, even with NO power its still there, and on the breadboard it has little room for any air circulation underneath, so I had to compensate for this "dark current" by taking at least 5 dark frames and comparing the frame with the least amount pixel depth and then averaging the other frames together at their higher RMS #'s and subtracting that from the low pixel numbered frame and that gave me a pretty good representation of the most stable dark current values.

UniPolar Stepper Motor/ULN2003 Controller Optimized

This is the 2nd installment for the V3.01 Turret Grating Controller project for the 3D printable Raman spectrometer project. Below is a link to the video @ my YouTube channel demonstrating the newest functionality and code changes. UniPolar Stepper Motor Controller Optimized   I updated the code significantly, I added " lcd.setCursor(12, 2); lcd.print(i--);" to … Continue reading UniPolar Stepper Motor/ULN2003 Controller Optimized