*Data Update* 8-Bit CCD Driver Circuit (TCD1304DG)

Source: *Data Update* 8-Bit CCD Driver Circuit (TCD1304DG)


My Research and The Science Of a Stroke

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I’m breaking a little protocol today and talking about my research over the past two years. I started this venture around the beginning of January of 2015, sounds benign enough but actually I had a very close friend, who had recently lost a relative to which they thought was under suspicious circumstances.

A situation that for all intents and purposes, might rise to a dime store mystery novel. (no joke!) if I was inclined with the skill to write such things, I probably really would, anyway, without getting into the personal particulars of it all, there was a “white powdery” substance in a bottle that should not have been in there…yeah, getting it now? This friend asked me if there was anyway to find out what it was and I said yeah you can take it and get it analyzed, it’ll cost some money but it can be done.

For whatever reason…

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I shared my first “official” non-technical blog and it felt pretty good 🙂



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My Research and The Science Of a Stroke

well having a stroke several years earlier didn’t do me any favors. So, I developed a system of log books and these logs corresponded to files saved on my computer as a backup. I had to literally annotate just about every little thing I was doing, I have a short-term memory problem, but if I have a log of my previous actions I can recall it well.

8-Bit CCD Driver TCD1304 Circuit Charts I & II

Now this is the full spectral range from 0 - 1323 pixels, you will notice at the far left of the chart a line shooting straight up, this is the transmission line, which use to be the "absorption" line, by implementing this equation: (10ᶺ(-B2))*100 We can "flip" the spectral image right side up.

UniPolar Stepper Motor/ULN2003 Controller Optimized

This is the 2nd installment for the V3.01 Turret Grating Controller project for the 3D printable Raman spectrometer project. Below is a link to the video @ my YouTube channel demonstrating the newest functionality and code changes. UniPolar Stepper Motor Controller Optimized   I updated the code significantly, I added " lcd.setCursor(12, 2); lcd.print(i--);" to … Continue reading UniPolar Stepper Motor/ULN2003 Controller Optimized