The War in Syria begs the question about the world we choose to live in…

It is said that our children are our future, that we hope that they will grow up to be the lawyers, doctors and great scientists of a bright new world


Tips for Surviving in Real Life

In 2009 I had a predisposition for making poor decisions, and because of this I ended up becoming homeless. I was married at the time (no children but two dogs,) when I talk “homeless,” I mean the whole shebang! Sleeping on the concrete, finding whatever nook or cranny, building or wooded area we could find to settle in with our animals. Our only belongings we had left were a sleeping bag, comforter, a bag of clothes and a bottle of vodka.

My Research and The Science Of a Stroke

The Quantum Hub

I’m breaking a little protocol today and talking about my research over the past two years. I started this venture around the beginning of January of 2015, sounds benign enough but actually I had a very close friend, who had recently lost a relative to which they thought was under suspicious circumstances.

A situation that for all intents and purposes, might rise to a dime store mystery novel. (no joke!) if I was inclined with the skill to write such things, I probably really would, anyway, without getting into the personal particulars of it all, there was a “white powdery” substance in a bottle that should not have been in there…yeah, getting it now? This friend asked me if there was anyway to find out what it was and I said yeah you can take it and get it analyzed, it’ll cost some money but it can be done.

For whatever reason…

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I shared my first “official” non-technical blog and it felt pretty good 🙂



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