PLX-DAQ v2.11 Dual Trace Transfer Tips to Excel

This is my second installment on using PLX-DAQ as an easy method of sending data from an Arduino or any AVR related MCU to Excel. Here I will be showing you how to process the data into a graphical chart for plotting it’s values…the easy way 🙂


Fast 8 Bit Driver Circuit

So I have decided to go ahead and build the fast 8 bit drive instead because I already know that it works flawlessly, and can still read all 3648 pixels from the CCD, It reads 3694 pixels, but the first 30 and the last 16 are dark reference or dummy pixels and are discarded.

I have already drawn the schematic using Design Spark and will post the gerber files so you can order your own PCB and build it. I am including the BOM also.