The War in Syria begs the question about the world we choose to live in…



Author: David H Haffner Sr


It is said that our children are our future, that we hope that they will grow up to be the lawyers, doctors and great scientists of a bright new world, a world filled with hope and an innocent wonder, waiting for discovery…except for the children of Syria.

the war ravaged cats of syria hero

Every creature suffers because of war…

Except for the children of Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen, and so on and so on. Who took this choice away from them?


We all did, each and every adult on this little planet we call Earth. We took this choice away from them in the name of perverse religious fervor, arrogance, false sense of pride and saving face, power and the insatiable need for acquiring a larger area of dirt, and for what?


Death, pain and destruction. These children never have a choice, we do, and never once do we exercise the will to change it, I think I know why after my short 54 years of living, it’s easier to let someone else do it, as long as our lives are not inconvenienced.



This father’s pain, is no different than that of any other…

It’s the responsibility of those leaders in those poor countries to take care of the problem, right? Maybe so, just so long as it doesn’t move into my neighborhood its really not my problem.



I think over all the crux of the matter is apathy, we have evolved into a grand society of complete insensitivity and indifference. The solution is not a complicated one, it is quite easy, un-complicate it.


Yes, un-complicate it, we as a species have a nasty habit of over complicating that which was never meant to be in the first place, maybe the reason for that might be is to introduce many layers of semantics into an equation in order to make its solution never worthwhile in solving?

Now isn’t that an interesting conjecture. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Many reasons, money and power, as sick and simple as it sounds, those are the main ones.

Can it ever change? Yes, we have had this power since the beginning of time, it’s called choice, everything we do in life is a choice we make, whether conscious or unconscious, most choices we make are of a conscious nature. The problem is the interjection of emotion into those choices, what I mean by this is, instead of making a clear and concise choice that makes sense, we react on instinct according to the coping skills or non-coping mechanisms we already have.


We do not take a breath, and center ourselves and direct our energies in a positive and logical direction.

So, what happens is what these pictures depict, the incredible sorrow, death and destruction of our very humanity, this is the window into our very souls, take a good look because our faces are in there, each photo contains a piece of each of us, every day, within every moment.

6 year old syrian boy washed up on shore

This is a 6 year old boy, he is now lifeless…No future left if we don’t end this madness.



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