100% 3D printable Raman Probe Assembly

Sorry for staying away for so long, I have been very busy lately researching and working on a new concept design for a 3d printable Low resolution Raman probe. I needed to put the TCD1304 CCD detector (8-bit) project on hold for awhile because I am discovering that 8 bits might not work for the purposes of this project and the resolutions needed.

So, I bought a Nikon DSLR camera model D3400, very nice one too I might add! I will be using it as my detector as it has already been proven in other research studies to be effective at Raman spectroscopy.

I am presenting here just a sample of the project so you can get a good idea of what is going on, I have designed every part based on research done on a paper published inScientific & Academic Publishing. 

Assembly view Laser collimation tube 3D view jan 27Assembly view Laser collimation tube all 3 sections jan 27Assembly view Laser collimation tube over head view jan 27Laser Alignment Plate guide JAN26Raman Probe Assembly Complete PNG Image FEB 02Spectrometer enclosure complete assmbly Drawing FEB 2 PNGSpectrometer enclosure complete assmbly FEB 2 V2Spectrometer enclosure complete assmbly FEB 2V1a FEB 2V1b FEB 2V1c FEB 2Raman Probe Top Transparent View 2 JAN26Raman probe complete assmbly V 1aRaman probe complete assmbly V 1bRaman probe complete assmbly V 1cLaser alignment guide draft 2 jan 30Raman Probe assembly model scan 5 J31Rear fiber optic port JAN31Refocusing lens test 2 JAN27Spectrometer Raman enclosure complete assmbly FEB01Raman probe BOM FEB 02Platform assembly drawing JAN30th PNGRaman probe drawing FEB 02

Full details can be found @ 3D printable Raman Probe

More on this project in the coming months…Promise 🙂



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