My Three Stray Cats

These are my three kitty cats, I saved each one from certain doom ( I know kinda melodramatic but true). They are spoiled rotten, as it should be in their forever home 🙂

There names are:





This is Bootsy lounging in her usual place in the bathroom.

TeeTee pic 1

This is TeeTee, in the kitchen, I was trying to get her use to an angel wing harness…Never worked out very well 😦




This is my little daughter cat, Tiny, I saved her as a small kitten here at City Point (down by the appomattox river,) I had to have a damaged eye of her’s removed but she doesn’t seen to mind much 🙂

Hopewell stray cats

Here is an image of some of the ferrel cats down at the appomattox river were I found Tiny.

I hope this brought some joy and happiness to someone’s life today 🙂



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