8-Bit CCD Driver TCD1304 Circuit Charts I & II

I converted the raw data from the spectral images from the other day using the formula I previously mentioned (10ᶺ(-B2))*100 and wanted to demonstrate how it is utilized in Excel:

cfl chart 1 july18

The image below is the same as above, also as of right now there is no way to perform Spectral Calibration until everything is put together and tested in the enclosure and the software is updated.

CCD pic 1

I didn’t realize until I took a closer look, that there must have been some light leakage in the monochromator, you’ll see it in the image below:

cfl chart 3 july18

Now this is the full spectral range from 0 – 1323 pixels, you will notice at the far left of the chart a line shooting straight up, this is the transmission line, which use to be the “absorption” line, by implementing this equation: (10ᶺ(-B2))*100

We can “flip” the spectral image right side up.

cfl chart 2 july18

I am hoping that by presenting these charts and examples that it starts to bring more clarity to the complexity of this particular discipline 🙂

Please click the link above for full and complete details about this project 🙂



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