Stepper Motor Control With LM350 Voltage Regulator

I’ve been working on this concept for awhile on the side for this project, it’s incorporated directly into the Czerny-Turner configuration. Most of the prototype is on a 590 pin breadboard with an LCD screen (1602-C) to display data output., motor control (using a 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor)

Here is the concept below with an explanation for each panel:

schematic1 PNG

This is the voltage regulator that I am using to power the entire control circuit, it uses an LM305T volate regulator with an adjustable pin#1 (GRN) and a 217K resistor at pin#2 so it can be adjusted from 1.2vdc to 9vdc at close to 0.9A. with ripple rejection and circuit protection diode.

Stppr mtr control unit1

This is a view from the power supply section of the board

Stppr mtr control unit4

Here is the basic design concept, Czerny-Turner Configuration with a few more add-on’s for a cleaner and more stable Raman signal (addition of beamsplitter/Dicrotic mirror) The turret sits of course between the 2 focal mirrors, it has 3 sides with different varying degrees of diffraction grating, example panel below;

holographic gratings chart png

By rotating the turret, you can choose specific wavelengths

Stppr mtr control unit2

This is the LCD display screen, I have code written to display MTR speed but I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a more specific menu so I can track temp, and position.

Stppr mtr control unit3

The proto board as it stands now

Stppr mtr control unit6

I was never an artist so please forgive me, this is a crude mock up of the turret and the specs for the motor and it’s drive steps, I’m just wondering if the Atmega1284 can handle additional control commands into memory and still have enough breathing room to operate without crashing or latching up?



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