A Short Personal Story

I am 53 and a retired navy vet, with a degree in electrical engineering and a love for everything scientific. I’ve decided to share a little bit more about myself, I think it’s only fair. My primary job in the navy was building conventional explosives, yes, its true (unfortunately,) also I was in what they called back then the PRP program (personal reliability program) which merely meant that I had a top-secret clearance, because I also handled nuclear weapons.

I want to start by explaining a few things about how my thought process works, I need to do this first so it puts the rest of my research in context. I had a stroke several years ago, brought on by a cardiac arrest episode I had back in 2009, I have been implanted with a pacemaker/defibrillator. I am very fortunate that I am a Veteran and get all my medical care at the VA hospital, well the stroke didn’t help but I recovered from that also, the only long term side effect from that is, I have a short-term memory problem that I must work at diligently on every day, so I must keep a log book of my day’s events that I feel are important so I do not forget.

This includes much of my research, that is why I have log books especially designated just for that. I feel that it’s important for me to divulge this kind of very personal information because it not only helps me mentally, but hopefully will bring a little clarity to some of my remarks that may seem…” oddly placed” at times. So, engaging in this type of work to me is very much like an athlete rebuilding himself after a severe accident, I would just ask for a little forgiveness and patience.

This page and its contents are my journey and discovery process, with a simple philosophy, Zen. There is a saying; “Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.”

Each aspect of my projects is rooted in these teachings, if you let your ears see and your eyes hear, then you can realize the subtle complexities that are, my simple designs.

In this way, I help myself by providing sometimes abstract knowledge, where its purpose seems convoluted in that which can be made to be much simpler.

The much finer genius lies in making the complex, seem very simple, there are no qualifiers needed to justify the look of how my projects turn out, they just are, almost every part I make is by hand, or formed by hand, from the most basic materials I can use, there is a beauty in that.

A lost art that is never really lost, just ignored, so I center myself and I am mindful of everything I am doing, that is ZEN.

Finally, “To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master.”

In closing, the purpose is clear from here on out, the ZEN of design simplicity, making the complex seem simple.

As Albert Einstein once said; “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”



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